"We worked with Steve for over a year on both buying a new home and selling our existing one. Steve is highly knowledgeable in the Bay Area real estate space and invested time upfront in educating us about different areas, types of homes, intrinsic factors that influence value and trade offs. He also took the time to understand what we were looking for and patiently worked with us until we found the ideal home. Steve’s thoughtfulness, professionalism and attention to detail stood out to us through the entire process - from identifying homes to tour that aligned with our needs, spending time during the tour to point out all the pros and cons of the properties and opportunities available in terms of remodeling etc. We always felt heard and never felt pushed to make an offer under pressure as he gave us the right amount of information to make informed decisions. When we found the ideal property, he continued to provide support beyond the offer presentation, helping facilitate completion of work prior to move-in, making the experience smooth and stress free.

We want to thank Steve for making our overall experience extremely positive and smooth from start to finish. It has truly been a pleasure working with him."



"We met Steve Rushton at an open house. Although we did not like that property, Steve’s sincerity, candor and positive vibe certainly made an impressionable mark on us, and soon enough we decided to ask him to be our representative moving forward.

Being a first-time prospective homeowner, we were nervous and rather naive about basic real estate terminologies. And I ask a lottttt of questions! It was immensely reassuring to have his cheerful uplifting presence during our home search process which was certainly complimented with his patiently inviting stance to our endless strings of questions . Steve has in-depth knowledge about the home buying process and, all along, he helped us review through each piece of relevant document (including HOA history) before we made a conscious decision to place an offer.

Steve is armed with wealth of practical knowledge and market assessment to guide buyers to make best choices. In our opinion, Steve is a man of sincere integrity and professionalism. The fact that he let me engaged him for 40min phone call regarding non urgent discussion on the Friday afternoon on his birthday (I got to know later) speaks volume about his diligence and responsibility towards his clients. During the home buying weeks I have shamelessly called him late into evening (to assuage any transient concerns that may have strayed into my mind!) and he has been immensely prompt, responsive and extremely patient at each time!

Steve has good taste and candor. He doesn't refrain from gently expressing his opinion when asked With his valuable experience and architecture background, we still seek his opinion regarding the renovation projects we are undertaking at our new property.

On multiple occasions, we found Steve to go an extra mile than what was needed and, it will be an understatement to say that we would not have closed the deal for our house had it not been for Steve’s strategy and insightful approach while drafting the offer. We are extremely happy to having worked with Steve and would strongly recommend him for prospective home buyers."